Monday, 5 October 2009

6/10/09: 3.2M @ 9min/mile (28m40s)

On the ipod - Take That Greatest Hits (cheesy but good!)

Time - early morning run before work

Weather - cool under cloud, but warm in the sun

Route - over Bridge, turned at 15 mins

28/9/09 - 4/10/09: Weekly summary

3 runs, 12.5 miles

1 x easy
1 x speed
1 x long/tempo

No extras

Shoes - 201

4/10/09: 6.4M @ 9m10s (58.5mins)

On the ipod - Pablo Honey, Radiohead

Weather - cool, cloudy, heavy rain in last part of run

Route - over bridge, Botanics & back. Turn point just before Art Gallery NSW

Notes - spring has sprung in the gardens - duck & ducklings crossed path in front of me, swallows swooping to protect their nests, jacarinda blossom starting to appear

Pace - out in 30 mins, back in 28.5 mins; ended up going faster than intended after keeping a slow & steady pace at beginning. First third done at good long run pace, second two thirds more like tempo pace

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1/10/09: 3M Speed

Skipped a run yesterday as had very long day on Tuesday (in Melbourne for work - early start, late finish) and was feeling pretty puggled for most of yesterday.

Had time to fit it in today though, and did speed session at gym, which I really enjoyed.

1.6km warm up
200m fast, walk recovery
300m fast, walk recovery
300m fast, walk recovery
200m fast, walk recovery
200m fast, walk recovery
1.4km steady - actually kept up quite a good speed on this

Total time 29mins10s, including walking as part of warm up, so pretty pleased with that.

28/9/09: 3.1M @ 9m20s (29 mins)

Bit pushed for time so run slightly shorter than would have liked, but still a good one. Bit faster than meant to go but walked home via shops so got good cool down

Sunday, 27 September 2009

20/9/09 - 27/9/09: Weekly Summary

4 runs - 12.6 miles
- 2 easy runs
- 1 speed session
- 1 hill session

Plus one swim

Good week after half marathon last week.

Shoes - 189 miles

27/9/09: 4M @ 9m45 (39 mins)

Up early(ish) today for run as had lunch plans with a friend.

Good to be out and about before 10am, decided to go up to Military Road via Ben Boyd Road. Could have run further but as this is hilly route, and as this was post-race recovery week, decided best not to push it too much. Also thought useful to do as a benchmark time.

Out in 21 mins, back in 18 - reflection of the hills!

Strong wind which was pretty refreshing - was warm when the wind wasn't blowing.